Mark Fowler, son of Henry Ellis, and Mark Fowler, son of the elder John Fowler.  There were two men named Mark Fowler living in Union County, SC as the 1700’s transitioned into the next century.  They were both born about the same time, 1780 to 1785.

Although some researchers believe that John Fowler”the elder” was the son of Henry Ellis Fowler, I believe they may have been brothers.

How do I know that there were two Mark Fowlers?  In the document below (part of the 1812 settlement of William Fowler, son of Henry Ellis Fowler), the top line “Ditto on Mark Fowler, son of John” identifies this Mark as the son of John Fowler, and the bottom line “Ditto on Mark Fowler, son of Ellis”  identifies this Mark as the son of Henry Ellis Fowler.

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Also, the pension applications from the War of 1812 clearly identify the two Mark Fowlers.  One Mark was married to Elizabeth Moseley, and the other was the “son of John” and had two wives, Nancy and Mary.


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Mark Fowler, son of Henry Ellis Fowler and Catherine Puckett

Mark Fowler, son of Henry Ellis,  was born circa 1780 in Virginia,  and died in 1853 in Union County. He married Elizabeth Moseley, daughter of James “High Key” Moseley and Nancy Jasper, in 1802 when the traveling preacher, a Reverend Wheeler, stopped by the Moseley household during hog killing time.  This Mark Fowler, known as “Big Mark” is very documented from the research of myself and others.

Mark and Elizabeth were blessed with eleven children.  Eight of these children, five daughters and three sons, survived their childhood and lived to face the daily hardships of life in the untamed backcountry in an uncertain era.

Mark and Elizabeth had sons Ellis Fowler, Mark Fowler, Jr., and Walter Gaines Fowler. All three sons were alive and well in 1850.  Ellis Fowler may have died before 1860 since he is not found in census records that year, and Mark Fowler, Jr. had died before 1883.

In 1843, Mark Fowler gave and granted to his  youngest son, Walter Gaines Fowler, all of his property on the waters on Big Sandy Run, and all of his worldly possessions on the condition that Walter would support his father and mother, Mark and Elizabeth Fowler during their natural lives.

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Mark Fowler lived ten more years, until 1853, and Elizabeth Fowler lived forty more years, until 1883.  In fact, she outlived her son Walter Gaines Fowler who died circa 1870.

Walter Gaines married  his cousin Mahala Rebecca Worthy (1845-1925), daughter of William Worthy and Fanny Fowler. (Fanny was the daughter of Ellis Fowler b. 1770, brother of Mark Fowler).   When Elizabeth Moseley died in 1883, she left her estate to the two daughters of Walter Gaines Fowler,  Alpha Ethel Fowler (1868–after 1910) who later married Thomas H. Garner, and Bettie Fowler (1870–1894) who  eventually married FNU Jackson.

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Mark Fowler, son of John Fowler and Fannie

  • John Fowler m. Fannie
    • Mark Fowler m. Nancy LNU
      • William Earle Fowler m. Taylor Ann Harrisn1840–1908
        • James/Frances Marion Fowler 1867–1935
        •  Isabella Fowler 1872–1938
        •  Nancy Ann “Nannie” Fowler 1876–
          William Wallace Fowler 1879–1925
        •  Augusta Ann Fowler1882–1930

Mark Fowler, eldest son of John “the Elder” Fowler was born circa 1785.  He married Nancy LNU.  His second wife was Mary Ann O’Neal, daughter of Barney and Nancy O’Neal.

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