The Sons of HENRY ELLIS FOWLER: A Brief Look

The Descendants of HENRY ELLIS FOWLER (a work in progress)

WILLIAM FOWLER, (d. 1812), son of Henry Ellis Fowler

WILLIAM FOWLER (1795-before 1860) married to Rhoda

EPHRAIM FOWLER (1765-1822)

Who was NANCY, wife of Ephraim Fowler?

The Final Estate Settlement of EPHRAIM FOWLER: Darkas, Mahala, Dorcas, and Charlotte

JASPER FOWLER, son of Ephraim: Theory and Speculation of His Descendants

JOHN FOWLER (1787-before 1840), son of Ephraim

STEPHEN FOWLER (1798-1866) son of Ephraim

ELLIS FOWLER 1805-before 1840, son of Ephraim

B. ELBERT FOWLER (1830-1882) Son of Ellis Fowler and Sarah Mabry

MARK FOWLER, son of Henry Ellis and MARK FOWLER, son of John Fowler

TEXANNA FOWLER b. 1860, Victim of the Pacolet River Flood of 1903

MARK FOWLER 1785-1852, son of Henry Ellis Fowler


WOMACK FOWLER (1785-1849), son of Henry Ellis Fowler

GODFREY FOWLER 1773-1850, son of Henry Ellis Fowler

JANE HODGE (1840-1879) Granddaughter of Womack Fowler; wife of Ellis Fowler; wife of Simeon Fowler

An In-depth Look at the ELLIS FOWLERS of Union County SC (1790 to 1880)

ELLIS FOWLER 1770-after 1850, son of Henry Ellis Fowler

SARAH PURCHASE FOWLER 1860-1933, daughter of Ellis Fowler and Sarah Clark

THOMAS GILLMAN FOWLER (1798-1880), son of Godfrey Fowler

GILLMAN H. FOWLER (1822-1861) son of Thomas Gillman Fowler

The GILLMAN FOWLERS of Union County, South Carolina

The SMITH COOK men of Union County, SC and Their Connections to the FOWLER Families

ELIJAH T.FOWLER (1830-1908), son of Thomas Gillman Fowler and Susannah Hames

MILLIGAN FOWLER (1802-1871), son of Godfrey

The Whitlock Massacre of 1870 and The Fowler Family of Union County, SC

THOMAS GILLMAN FOWLER (1859-1944) : A Life

JOHN FOWLER, The Hatter (c.1775-1833)

JOHN FOWLER, The “Elder” (1755-1818)

LAVINA FOWLER 1803-1877, Daughter of John Fowler “The Elder”

ANDREW FOWLER (1804-1870) son of John Fowler “the Elder” ????

ASA FOWLER 1811-1885

Murder: The Mize Brothers and Their FOWLER Wives

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN FOWLER (1844-before 1908) Married to Sarah Nix

Future Research Articles

3 thoughts on “The Fowler Families of Union County SC

  1. I may be able to provide additional information on some of the Fowler family. My great great grandfather was William G. Fowler, born about 1825. Could he have been the son of the Ellis Fowler who was the son of Mark Fowler?


  2. Hi Deb. I love the way you lay this out. When you get a chance please contact me. I will send you all the primary documents I have on this line as I spent years collecting them thanks to that unnamed book. I also see in your masthead that you are interested in Israel who I did not locate within the site. Unless you have documentation that suggests otherwise, Israel is not likely of the same lineage. Please contact me. I am in the Haplogroup E Lineage I group.


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