• ANDREW FOWLER 1804-after 1870 m. Nancy Hames; m. Mary Scisson
    • son b. 1820
    • son b. 1821-1825
    • James Fowler 1827-
    • Elizabeth Fowler 1831-
    • Thomas Fowler 1836-
    • Jane Fowler 1842-
    • Celia Fowler 1844-
    • Richard Fowler 1845-
    • Julia Fowler 1846-
    • Helen Fowler 1847-
    • Amanda Fowler 1849-
    • Sarian Fowler 1853-
    • Margaret Fowler 1855-
    • Anna Fowler 1855-
    • Rhoda Fowler 1858-

Rhoda Fowler, youngest daughter of Andrew Fowler, had an out of wedlock daughter named Addie Elizabeth Fowler (1874-1920). As per Addie’s death certificate, she was the daughter of Pack Mosley and Rhoda Mosley.

Pack Mosley was John Pacolet “Pack” Moseley, son of James Thomas Moseley III and Fannie Mariah Foster. He was the great grandson of James “High Key” Moseley and Nancy Anna Jasper.

Since Rhoda Fowler age 23 and daughter Addie Fowler age 6 were recorded in the 1880 Union County census records with Fowler as their surname, it is doubtful that Pack and Rhoda ever married.

Pack had married Malissa Addie Elizabeth Blanton circa 1877, and lived with his wife and 3 year old daughter Lillie and infant son Louis in 1880, only a few households away from Rhoda Fowler and her daughter Addie.

Addie Fowler married James Burgess b. 1867. They married around 1893 and had a daughter Elliner “Ellen” Burgess b. 1894 and a son, John, born 1898.

They were recorded in the 1900 census living with Thomas Burgess, father of James.

By 1910, James and Addie had added four more children to their family: William b. 1902, Albert b. 1904, a child born and died during this decade, and Thomas, b.1910.

Addie died in childbirth in 1920, and was buried at Gilead Church cemetery in Jonesville, SC.

After Addie’s death, James Burgess married Sadie LNU and they had a daughter born in 1917, Pauline Burgess.

Sadie died in the following decade, and James Burgess was recorded as a widower on the 1930 census.

The descendants of the five older Burgess children are the only known and documented descendants of Andrew Fowler.

Andrew Fowler was a blind man, a farmer, and the father of a large number of children. He was born about 1804, possibly a son of John Fowler “the Elder” and Fannie. Andrew married Nancy Hames, and later, Mary Scisson, daughter of Frances Scisson. Andrew was recorded in the Union County, South Carolina census records of 1830, 1850, 1860, and 1870. Andrew Fowler and his family appear to have vanished into thin air after 1870.

Much of what I know of Andrew Fowler is based only on the four census records. I have theories and speculation on his beginnings but nothing concrete. Andrew Fowler is a lesson in frustration to me. I am reaching out to anyone to may have proof of descent from Andrew Fowler and one of his wives.

I state with much uncertainty that Andrew Fowler may have been the son of John Fowler “the Elder” and Fannie only because John and Fannie’s eldest son Mark Fowler had a son named Andy Fowler. It is not really a “naming pattern” but it is all I have.

I have also considered that Andrew Fowler may have been a son of Ellis Fowler b. 1870 (son of Henry Ellis Fowler) and Mary. This, too, is speculation based on their locations in census records.

I have been unable to trace few of the descendants of Andrew Fowler to present day. If I could only find one living male descendant from this line, yDNA testing would answer so many questions.

Andrew Fowler was recorded in the 1830 Union County, SC census as 20-29 years of age, along with a female ( wife Nancy Hames?), three males ages 10-14. 5-9, and < 5, and a female < 5. He shares the census page with five Hames families, and Ellis Fowler b. 1770 and another Ellis Fowler. Andrew was living next to Charles Hames…….father of Andrew’s wife Nancy Hames?

Andrew Fowler 1830
1830 Union County Census

In the Union County, SC census of 1850, Andrew Fowler, aged 46 and recorded as blind, had the following people in his household:

  • Mary Fowler 29 (his second wife)
  • James Fowler 23 (son of Andrew and Nancy Hames)
  • Elizabeth Fowler 19 (son of Andrew and Nancy Hames)
  • Thomas Fowler 14 (son of Andrew and Nancy Hames)
  • Jane Fowler 8
  • Celia Fowler 6
  • Richard Fowler 5
  • Julia Fowler 4
  • Helen Fowler 3
  • Amanda Fowler 1
  • Frances Scisson 67 (mother ofAndrew’s wife Mary; Frances was listed on the next page of the census record, not shown here)
andrew fowler 1850
1850 Union County Census

Andrew Fowler was recorded as blind and aged 57 in the 1860 Union County, SC census. His household included the following:

  • Mary Fowler 31
  • Thomas Fowler 25
  • Jane Fowler 19
  • Cely Fowler 18
  • Richard Fowler 16
  • Elen Fowler 14
  • Sarian Fowler 7
  • Margaret Fowler 5
  • Ana Fowler 5
  • Rhoda Fowler 2
andrew fowler 1860
1860 Union County Census

The last census record listing Andrew Fowler, aged 60, is the 1870 Union County, SC census. He was listed as blind and had fewer household members:

  • Mary Fowler 45
  • Jame Fowler 30
  • Celia Fowler 25
  • Margaret Fowler 18
  • Anna Fowler 18
  • Rhoda Fowler 15
andrew fowler 1870
1870 Union County Census

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