SMITH COOK (1820-1872) son of Sampson Cook and Mary Smith; married Malinda Cook (daughter of Alfred Cook and Nancy Jane Foster)

Sampson Cook and his wife Mary Smith had a legal agreement in 1823 stating that they mutually agreed to live separate.  Their son, Smith Cook, was born December 19, 1820.

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Mary Smith Cook was head of household in 1840 with her son Smith Cook, and living with her son in 1850 as well.

smith cook b. 1820
1850 Union County SC Census

In 1860, Smith Cook was no longer living with his mother.  He shared a house with Edward Palmer in the Mount Tabor section of Union County.

smith cook b. 1820 1860 census
1860 Union County SC Census


Smith Cook married his much younger cousin Melinda Cook before 1870, and they had two children listed in the census record that year.

smith cook b. 1820 1870 census
1870 Union County SC Census

Smith Cook died May 11, 1872 and was buried at Flat Rock Cemetery.  His widow Melinda Cook married John Adams in 1874.

SMITH COOK (1820-1872) son of Sampson Cook and Mary Smith; married Melinda Cook

SMITH N. COOK (1841-1862) son of William Cook and Lucinda Golden; may have fathered a child with Mary Fowler, daughter of Reuben Fowler

ROBERT SMITH COOK (1856-1913) son of James Cook and Nelly; married Sallie Lipscomb

ROBERT SMITH COOK (1864-1912) son of Alfred Cook and Elizabeth Bentley; married Mary Jane Adelaide Fowler (daughter of Martha Fowler, daughter of Reuben Fowler)

ALFRED SMITH COOK (1897-1965) son of Robert Smith Cook and Mary Jane Adelaide Fowler; married Rue Emma Poore

  • Thomas Cook 1750-1820 m. Ann 1750
    • Sampson Cook m. Mary Smith 1785-after 1860
      • SMITH COOK 1820-1872 m. Malinda Cook
    • William Cook 1773-1850 m. Martha
      • William Cook Jr. 1806-1860
        • SMITH N. COOK 1841-1862
      • James Cook 1812-after 1880 m. Nelly **
        • ROBERT SMITH COOK 1856-1913 m. Sallie Lipscomb 
      • Alfred Cook 1815-1887 m. Elizabeth Bentley
        • ROBERT SMITH COOK 1864-1912 m. Mary Jane Fowler
          • ALFRED SMITH COOK 1897-1965 m. Rue Emma Poore

** speculation regarding the father of James Cook

more to come…………….

2 thoughts on “The SMITH COOK men of Union County, SC & Their FOWLER Family Connections

    1. Hi Jim, Thanks for reading and for your comments. I have not looked into the Smith Cooks lately, but will do so over the next few days. Have you yDNA tested and joined the Cook Surname Project with FTDNA? I know that the Cook paternal Haplogroup has been established through DNA testing. My paternal Fowler line is actually the Cook line through an illegitimate event that happened in the late 1850s. These Cook families lived north of the Pacolet River in the Draytonville SC area, and intermarried often into the Mabry and Fowler families, among others.


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