I also give and bequeath unto my three daughters Salley, Suky, and Vina one bed and furniture each.” Last Will and Testament of John Fowler, dated 18 February 1817.

Three daughters. Salley. Suky. Vina. Who were they? What path did they follow? Did they survive childhood, get married, have children of their own? Were they happy?

“Salley” was often a nickname for Sarah; “Suky” was sometimes short for Susannah; and “Vina”  for Lavina or Lavinia.

Ten years. I searched for these three daughters of John Fowler and Fannie for ten years. I only knew of their existence from the one line in which they were mentioned in their father’s will.

No birth, marriage, or death records existed in South Carolina during the lifetimes of these three daughters. I had little to help me with my research.

Then fate intervened; a very fortunate message from a Fowler descendant led to a meeting and the discovery of a valuable hint.

There was a LAVINA Fowler who had been born in Union County, SC in the early 1800s who had married Augustus Wiggins.  The names and dates fit.  So did the location.

Augustus “Gus”Wiggins (1805-1857) was the son of Richard Wiggins of Cleveland County, North Carolina.  While there is no evidence that the elder Wiggins lived in Union County, SC, there were Wiggins families in the county in the 1800s.  Abraham Wiggins (b. 1808) lived in Union County in 1850 and 1860; Nancy Wiggins, Lazarus Wiggins, and Antoine Wiggins were counted in the 1860 Union County census.

Augustus Wiggins, probable brother of Abraham Wiggins, lived in Union County in the first decades of the 1800s, as he met and married Lavina Fowler before 1822; their first son, William Wiggins, was born to Augustus and Lavina in Union County in 1822.

The absence of the Augustus Wiggins family in census records for the years 1820 through 1840 prevents us from knowing the exact year that the family moved to Cleveland County, North Carolina.  Information from census records and death certificates indicates that most of their children were born in North Carolina.

The family was recorded in the 1850 Cleveland County, NC census in 1850.

A wiggins 1850.png
1850 Cleveland County NC Census

Augustus Wiggins died in 1857 in Cleveland County and was laid to rest in the family graveyard in Polkville, North Carolina.

gus wiggins grave
Augustus Wiggins Headstone

In the 1860 census for Cleveland County, we find Lavina Fowler Wiggins living with her adult children Richard, Sarah, Francis, and Asbury.  Daughter Melissa Wiggins Ramsey and family lived next door; son William Wiggins and family were also living adjacent to these households.

lavina 1860.png
1860 Cleveland County NC Census


Lavina Fowler Wiggins was counted in the 1870 Cleveland County NC census living with daughter Sarah Wiggins Bridges and her family.  Son Asbury Wiggins and his family were living next door.

vina fowler 1870.png
1870 Cleveland County NC Census

Lavina Fowler Wiggins died  June 20, 1877 and was buried in the family graveyard.

vina fowler grave
Lavina Fowler Wiggins Headstone

From the Last Will and Testament of Augustus Wiggins in Cleveland County, NC Deedbook D (page 594), we learn the names of the children of Lavina Fowler and Augustus Wiggins:

  • William M. Wiggins 1822-1915 m. Sophie Horn
  • Frances Johnson Wiggins 1823- m. William R. Green
  • Melissa Wiggins 1825-1909 m. Thomas Ramsey
  • Francis M. Wiggins 1827-
  • Elijah G. Wiggins 1830- m. Matilda Horn
  • Delilah Wiggins 1831-1897 m. John Philbeck
  • Sarah Wiggins 1835-1899 m. Lorenzo Bridges (son of Drury S. Bridges)
  • Richard M. Wiggins 1837-1892 m. Jane Bridges (daughter of John S. Bridges)
  • Ashbury G. Bridges 1839-1927 m. Jane Bridges (daughter of William A. Bridges)

I am still working on the birth order of the children.  There is conflicting information regarding the dates of birth.  There is also confusion, at least in my mind, about Francis and Frances Wiggins.  More later about this………………


John Fowler d. 1818 and Fannie (Johnson?)

  • Lavina Fowler 1803-1877 m. Augustus Wiggins 1805–1857
    • William M Wiggins 1822–1915 m. Sophia Horn 1827–
      • Amanda Wiggins 1861–
      • Lemuel J. Wiggins 1861–1949 m. Elizabeth Jane 1861–1946
        • Willie Wiggins 1883–1959  m. John Brent Philbeck 1886–1933
          • Perry Thomas Philbeck 1910–1947
          • Mary Lou Philbeck 1912–1989
          • Era Mae Philbeck 1914–1991
          • Edith Philbeck 1918–1985
          • Gus Clark Philbeck 1921–1986
          • Ruby Philbeck 1925–
          • Fay Philbeck 1928–
        • Riley Frank Wiggins 1884–1925 m. Fannie Wiggins 1891–1980
          • Infant Wiggins 1909–1909
          • Maurice Lee Wiggins 1910–1983
          • Darline Wiggins 1914–
          • Roy Wiggins 1917–
          • Pearl Virginia Wiggins 1919–1921
        • Finettie Wiggins 1888–
        • Elzie Wiggins 1890–
        • Dlia Wiggins 1895–
        • Corra Wiggins 1897–
        • Jossie Wiggins 1899–
        • Grady Vol Wiggins 1904–1966
        • John William “Johnie” Wiggins 1905–1992
        • Lona Wiggins 1907–1907
        • Charlie Wiggins 1909–1909
    • Francis M Wiggins 1827
    • Melissa Mollie Wiggins 1828–1909 m. Thomas James Ramsey 1828–1863
      • John W. Ramsey 1852–1900
      • Augustus B. Ramsey 1855–1910 m. Hester Doty 1863–1929
        • Martin Cetan Ramsey 1879–1962
        • Solon Cleophus Ramsey 1885–1937
        • Lissie Ramsey 1887–1974
        • James Thomas Ramsey 1889–1941
        • Georgia Lola Ramsey 1894–1984
        • Samuel Buster Ramsey 1895–1978
        • Blanche Ramsey 1898–1953
        • Iler Ramsey 1899–
        • Della E Ramsey 1901–1965
        • William Hass Ramsey 1903–1977
      • Annie E. Ramsey 1856–1900
      • Joseph Marshall Ramsey 1859–1943
      • Sarah Caroline Ramsey 1861–1948
    • Elijah G Wiggins 1830–
    • Delila Wiggins 1832–1897
    • Frances Johnson “Fannie” Wiggins 1832–1914 m. William R. Green 1830-
    • Sarah Wiggins 1837–1899
    • Richard Martin Wiggins 1837–1892
    • Ashbury G. Wiggens 1839–1927 m. Jane Letty Bridges 1847–1905
      • Dovey L. Wiggins 1869–
      • Mary Linda Wiggins 1870–
      • Elijah D. Wiggins 1871–1907
      • Fannie Suzanne Wiggins 1873–1933 m. Javan B Walker 1873–1944
        • Murlon H Walker 1899–1958
        • Nola Estelle Walker 1903–1985
        • Thomas F Walker 1906–
        • Dulon Walker 1909–1940
        • Zula O Walker 1912–2001
        • Foy J Walker 1913–1987

One thought on “LAVINA FOWLER 1803-1877, Daughter of John Fowler “The Elder”

  1. I am the daughter of William Hass Ramsey (died 1977) & Lillie Grace White Ramsey (died 2004). I have one brother, William Arthur Ramsey (still living) & one sister, Dessie Thelma Ramsey Winebarger who died 2017. I was named after my dad’s mom Hester; Hester Jane “Cricket” Ramsey Edwards. I remember the names of my dad’s family. Enjoyed reading this information on Ramsey family.


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