When I bought the one hundred and seventy-six year old ASA FOWLER Family Bible, I knew nothing about the family. I was hoping that this Fowler line would somehow connect to mine. It did not. I researched this Fowler family and it is a family with a wonderful history. Asa Fowler is descended from Philip Fowler who immigrated to America from England.

Asa Fowler was an attorney in a law partnership with Franklin Pierce, the fourteenth president of the United States. Asa Fowler wore many hats. He was a most interesting man. I do not know how his family bible ended up going from such a great family into my genealogy library, but it gave me a research opportunity that I would have never had otherwise. The bible is dated 1845, and it is very fragile. I have taken a few photographs of the bible along with the family pages inside.


The Family Bible is a treasure, but I was also fortunate enough to obtain a first edition family history of Philip Fowler and his descendants: The Fowler Family- A Genealogical Memoir of the Descendants of Philip and Mary Fowler of Ipswich, Massachusetts by Matthew Adams Stickney; published 1883.

The book was donated to the Nahant Public Library in 1884 by Samuel Hammond Russell (1823-1894). Nahant is a tiny resort beach town in Essex County, about 20 miles from Boston. Samuel H. Russell came from an educated, prominent family in Boston. I have not researched to see if he was related to Philip Fowler.

Thanks to the head start I was given through the family records in the bible and the information in the genealogy book, I was able to trace this Fowler family to present day. Yes, I have DNA tested descendants. This is one of the most fascinating Fowler families that I have researched to date.

3 thoughts on “ASA FOWLER (1811-1885) His Family Bible and Family History in Photographs

  1. That turned out to be a very interesting find. I would be curious to know the family DNA. As always, your dedication researching the Fowler families is magnificent. Best wishes.


    1. Janis, you were the one who brought the bible to my attention ….. so a huge thank you for that! The yDNA Haplogroup for this Fowler line is
      R-M269. There were only a few matches — none of them very close and none of them Fowlers — meaning that other men from this line have not tested. There are descendants out there. Some are aware of their unique line of descent but I am sure that there are many who have no idea of their wonderful history. Thanks again, Janis, for your comments and for opportunity to be the caretaker of this bible for now.


      1. One of these days I hope we find a BIG find on the “I ” group. Yes, I remember the Bible and so happy you got it. ❤ You are the best Fowler historian that I have met. Thank you!


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