Wymac Matthew Fowler was born September 27, 1836. He was the fourteenth child –the last child — born to Womack Fowler and Susannah Moseley.

Womack, Womach, Wymac, Wymack, Wymach. I am using “Womack” for the father and “Wymac” for the son. I have never seen or heard anyone refer to the son as “Mac” but I believe this may have been true. I have seen his name written as Mc Fowler in at least two records.

1860 Union County SC Agriculture Schedule

His birth was handwritten in the family bible. The next time his name was written was in the 1849 Last Will and Testament of his father.

“my youngest son Wymac my rifle gun”

Susannah Moseley Fowler was head of household when the 1850 census taker wrote down her son Wymac’s name.

1850 Union County SC Census

Widow Susannah Fowler was head of a household that contained her sons Rufus, Felix, James, and Wymac. Daughter Susannah lived with her mother, as did two young girls, Harriet and Jane, whom I suspect to have been granddaughters of Susannah and Womack Fowler.

Wymac Matthew Fowler had married a young woman named Jane before 1860. He, his wife Jane, and two year old James were counted in the 1860 census in Union County, SC.

1860 Union County SC Census

Wymac Fowler’s wife Jane may have been Jane Worthy (b. 1839), daughter of George Worthy (b. 1804) and Rebecca Burrell. George Worthy was the son of James Worthy (1760- bef. 1850) and another Jane.

Circumstantial evidence follows:

James Worthy (b. 1760) was the father of James Worthy (1809-1880) who married Winnifred Fowler (b. 1822), daughter of Ellis Fowler (b. 1770), son of Henry Ellis Fowler.

James Worthy (b. 1760) also was the father of William Worthy (1813-1880) who married Fanny Fowler (b. 1825), another daughter of Ellis Fowler (b. 1770).

After the death of his wife Fanny Fowler, James Worthy (b. 1809) married Sarah Floyd (b. 1833).

Jane (Worthy?) married a Floyd after the death of her first husband, Wymac Matthew Fowler.

I am slowly researching and eliminating all of the “Janes” born around 1839 in Union County. It is only my theory that Jane wife of Wymac was Jane Worthy, daughter of George. End of circumstantial evidence and speculation… for now.

A daughter, Lulu Fowler, was born to Wymac Fowler and Jane in 1861. One must pray that this daughter was born before the thirty-first of August, 1861, when Wymac Fowler enlisted in Company F of the 15th Regiment of the South Carolina Infantry, for — like three of his brothers — he would not return home from the War Between the States.

Wymac Matthew Fowler died of Typhoid Fever at Camp Elliott in Beaufort County, SC on May 18, 1862. Some accounts inaccurately state that the year of his death was 1861.

From the estate settlement of Susannah Moseley Fowler

The widow Jane married James Morgan Floyd (1844-after 1880), son of Lanta Foster (b. 1818), daughter of George Foster (1792-after 1860) and Cynthia (b. 1800).

The newly formed family lived in the Pinckney area of Union County SC in 1870. Morgan Floyd was listed as head of household, with wife Jane. Although James and Lura (Lula) were given the surname of “Floyd” in this record, they were the children of Wymac Fowler. By this time, three children had been born to Morgan Floyd and Jane: Ida, Anna, and William Thomas Floyd.

1870 Union County SC Census

Lulu Fowler died in 1877. Her death was mentioned in the estate settlement of her grandmother Susannah Moseley Fowler. The surname of Feaster was attached to her first name of Lulu. Did she marry before her death? Did she die in childbirth? I can find no reasonable possible Feaster husband, but I have not searched far and wide… yet. It was stated that she died without heirs so if she died in childbirth, her baby died as well.

1880 Union County SC Census

By 1880, the James Morgan Floyd family had moved to Goudeysville, Union County, SC — a part of the county which would soon be taken away from Union and used to form Cherokee County, SC. The James Morgan Floyd family lived beside Dorcas Moseley Fowler. Dorcas was the war widow of Rufus Marion Fowler, brother of Wymac Matthew Fowler. Rufus had joined Company F, 15th Regiment of the SC Infantry, as did Wymac, on August 31, 1861.

Rufus Marion Fowler died May 6, 1864 after the Battle of the Wilderness in Spotslyvania County, Virginia when he was hit by friendly fire; a gun in the hands of James Spencer exploded, and another of Womack Fowler’s sons would not return home.

Wymack Matthew Fowler died far away from home, as did thousands upon thousands of soldiers in the Civil War. He left behind a widow and two young children. There are descendants living today, many who may not even know the noble and respected line from which they descend.

The Descendants of Wymac Matthew Fowler and Jane

  • Henry Ellis Fowler
    • Womack Fowler (1785-1849)
      • Wymac Matthew Fowler (1836-1862) m. Jane (1839 – after 1880)
        • James Madison Fowler (1858- after 1900) m. Mary Ann Polly Maddox (1872–1950)
          • Thomas William Fowler (1890–1940) m. Ruth R. Hill (1900-1981)
            • Thomas H. Fowler (1924-1924)
            • Ruth May Fowler (b. 1925)
              • Son Fowler (b. 1953)
            • Thomas Harvey Fowler (1930–1930)
            • Elsie Adeline Fowler (1931–2005) m. Hudgins
              • Son Hudgins
              • Daughter Hudgins
            • Francis Etheleen Fowler (1935–2005) m. Floyd Stevenson Gregory (1934–2018)
              • Shirley Gregory (1959–2011)
              • Wanda Gregory (1961–2005)
          • Clara Bell Fowler (1893–1915) m. George Washington Mitchem (1895–1953)
            • Henry Lee Fowler (1912–2001) m. Pansy Richardson (1914–2008)
              • Henry Lee Fowler Jr. (1934–1975) m. Beckham
              • Daughter Fowler ( b. 1936)
              • Son Fowler
              • Son Fowler
          • Mary E Fowler (b. 1895)
          • James Mack Fowler (1897–1956) m. Lucille Brice (1902–1958)
            • Robert Glenn Fowler (1924–2010) m. Betty Louise Morgan (1927-1999)
              • Daughter Fowler
              • Daughter Fowler
            • Mary Louise Fowler (b. 1932) m. Bassinger
            • Alice Maxine Fowler (1935–2009) m. Bryant
              • Son Bryant
              • Son Bryant
              • Son Bryant
          • Charles Fowler (aka Freeman) (b. 1902)

Jane’s family with James Morgan Floyd

  • Jane (b. 1844) m. James Morgan Floyd (1844- after 1880)
    • Ida Floyd (1865–1937) m. Henry Bascomb Hughes (1857–1927)
      • Arthur Vernon Hughes (1883–1966)
      • Alfred Luther Hughes (1885–1925)
      • William Crowder Hughes (1888–1918)
      • Richard Lester Hughes (1891–1893)
      • Charles Bolin Hughes (1895–1981)
      • Beulah Mae Hughes (1897–1977)
      • Henry Buford Hughes (1900–1963)
      • Lillian Idalene Hughes (1902–1997)
    • Anna Floyd (b. 1868)
    • William Thomas Floyd (1870–1904)
    • Janie Floyd (1874–1898)
    • Charlie Floyd (1877–1928)
    • Emma Floyd (b. 1879)

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