This article is for all of the confused researchers who find Lemuel Fowler in Union County, South Carolina and proceed to mix him up with the other Lemuel Fowlers who lived in the same county in the same decades.

There were three — and possibly four — men named Lemuel Fowler who were born in the first half of the 1800s.

They are as follows:



Son of John Fowler, Hatter

Lemuel Holter Fowler was the son of John H. Fowler, the Hatter.

Lemuel H. Fowler was born in 1808, and died in 1865.

He married Permilly Mitchell (daughter of Elias Mitchell and Hannah Smith). Lemuel and Milly had two sons and two daughters.

Lemuel is buried in a small family graveyard in the Kelton area of Union County.

Lemuel Holter Fowler (1808-1865)

It has not been proven yet by yDNA testing, but I feel certain that Lemuel H. Fowler, son of John Fowler, will be Haplogroup I- Lineage IV, making him a descendant of the Henry Ellis Fowler line.

1840 Union County Census
1850 Union County Census
1860 Union County Census
  • Lemuel Holter Fowler (1808-1865) m. Permilly “Milly” Mitchell (1811– after 1880)
    • Ebenezer Fowler (1834–1863)
    • Elias Fowler (1836–1908)
    • Frances Fowler (1840–)
    • Sarah Fowler (1846–)



Son of Israel Fowler II

Lemuel K. Fowler was the son of Israel Fowler II and his wife Polly. Lemuel’s middle name may have been Kelly.

Lemuel K. Fowler was born in 1815, and died in 1895.

His grave is in the Flat Rock Cemetery on land that was donated to the church in the very early 1800s by his family.

Lemuel K. Fowler (1815-1895)

He married Elizabeth White and they had many daughters and only one, or two, sons.

Lemuel K. Fowler, son of Israel Fowler II, represents Haplogroup R1b – Linieage IV, making this a totally different Fowler family from the Henry Ellis Fowler line.

This family has been well documented and DNA tested back to Isle of Wight County, Virginia. There are several excellent researchers working to take this Fowler line back to European origins.

1850 Union County Census
1860 Union County Census
1870 Union County Census
1880 Union County Census
  • Lemuel K. Fowler (1815-1895) m. Elizabeth White (1816–1896)
    • Mary Jane Fowler (1836–1910)
    • Nancy Paulina Fowler (1839–1923)
    • Louisa Fowler (1841–)
    • Sarah Fowler (1844–1895)
    • Ellen Elizabeth Fowler (1848–1924)
    • Susan Fowler(1849–1914)
    • Ramonth Rena Fowler (1851–)
    • Josephine Fowler (1853–)
    • Charles Jamison Fowler (1856–1915)
    • Thomas Fowler (1857–)


(1815-after 1850)

Probable son of Jasper Fowler

This Lemuel Fowler is found in only one census record in Union County, South Carolina. He is recorded in the 1850 census with 47 year old Zachariah Fowler, 29 year old Mary Fowler, and 23 year old Susan Fowler.

There is a possibility that Zachariah Fowler was a son of John Fowler (d. 1833) and Fannie.

Zachariah and Mary Fowler were listed as “idiotic” in the 1850 census.

Susan Fowler was the daughter of Jasper Fowler (son of Ephraim Fowler) and the only child of Jasper to have a share in the estate of Ephraim Fowler when it was settled in 1849.

For this reason, I have to wonder if Lemuel was a son of Jasper. Why did he not share in the estate settlement of Ephraim Fowler?

Were Lemuel, Zachariah, and Mary only cousins to Susan Fowler and not siblings?

The 1850 Census counted three Lemuel Fowler households:

1). Lemuel Holter Fowler

2). Lemuel K. Fowler

3). Lemuel Fowler who shared a home with Zachariah, Mary, and Susan Fowler

Was this Lemuel Fowler the son of Jasper Fowler? Was he a son of John Fowler and Fannie? Was he the son of Andrew Fowler? Or was he the son of another Fowler?

The answer is….. I just don’t know..

1850 Union County Census


(b. 1830)

Possible son of Andrew Fowler

There is no documentation for this Lemuel Fowler. In fact, I am not even sure where I found evidence to even include him. But, somewhere in the past, I ran across something that made me believe that Andrew Fowler (b. 1804) and his first wife Nancy Hames had a son named Lemuel. If this Lemuel Fowler — son of Andrew — did exist, he would have been born in the 1830s.

As I can find no documentation for this Lemuel Fowler, it is possible that he did not exist at all. It is also possible that he was the Lemuel Fowler in the 1850 census with Zachariah, Mary, and Susan Fowler.

I have struggled with Andrew Fowler. I do not know what Fowler family from which he descends, although I suspect that his parents may have been John Fowler d. 1833 married to Fanny, or Mark Fowler b. 1785 (son of John Fowler and Fanny). The problem with the Andrew Fowler branch is that I can find no living male descendants to yDNA test. The entire family seems to have just vanished into thin air.

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