Thomas Gillman Fowler (1798-1880) was the son of Godfrey and Nannie Kelly Fowler. Thomas was married to Susannah Hames (1804-1863).  They share a headstone at Gilead Baptist Church in Jonesville, SC.

Thos & Susan Hames Fowler

A document from 1822, whereas Thomas Fowler agreed to take care of his mother and father, Godfrey and Nannie Fowler, as well as his two younger brothers, William and Coleman, until they reached the age of twenty-one.

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The Thomas Gillman Fowler home place in Jonesville, SC:

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Children of Thomas Gillman and Susannah Hames Fowler:

  • Elizabeth Fowler 1821–1826
  • Gilman H Fowler 1822–1861
  • Gassaway Fowler 1827–1887
  • Charles Ellis Fowler 1828–1900
  • Elijah F Fowler 1830–1908
  • Martha Ann Frances Fowler 1834–1910
  • Thomas F. Fowler 1836–1892
  • Junius R Fowler 1841–1848
  • Susannah Adeline “Mamie” Fowler 1843–1901
  • Joseph K Fowler 1845–1887


Thomas Gillman Fowler died in February 1880 from Dropsy, an old term for the swelling of soft tissues due to the accumulation of excess water, very likely edema due to congestive heart failure.

From the US Federal Census Mortality Schedule:

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One thought on “THOMAS GILLMAN FOWLER (1798-1880), son of Godfrey Fowler

  1. I am searching for information on my grandfather, George Harold Fowler (Jr. I believe.) I don’t know if he was born in Union but he married my grandmother there, she was from Union, and my father was born in union. My grandparents were divorced around 1941 or 1942. If you happen to know anything about a George H Fowler, I would be grateful if you would email me. Thanks!


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